Sunday, July 1, 2007

Reality of Free online data entry jobs.

I wanted to earn more, more than what I earn currently. So I thought why not try online data entry jobs. So as usual I searched Google for online data enter jobs with following search parameters "Free online data entry jobs" and wallah I found many results and it seemed like I have found what I wanted, but that was not true.

I clicked on some links and started analyzing each of them. The banners posted on each site had that four letter magic word "FREE". Also, there were many success stories of people from different parts of the world each of them describing how they quitted their existing jobs and started making online money. Some people use to make $1000 a day and more. I was truly amazed looking at their success stories. I read a few and got excited. Then moved to read some instructions regarding how to enroll, kind of work, payment system, etc,etc,etc. Finally I decided to register on one of the sites (I will not mention the URL). I gave my name, address and other such information, at the bottom of the page near "Next" button I read the text "Almost over". I clicked on the "Next" button after filling the forms, what I saw was a bit strange for me at the first sight. The site wanted me to pay some $50 for registration; of course it was optional but then if u go for a basic account the income generated would be low. So anyone who is in the need of job will go for that paid option. But I just closed that page as I was looking for truly a free online data entry job. Later on I found similar things on each site. Some sites will drop you an email to upgrade your account while some would directly ask for it on the website itself. I hope you have understood what am I trying to say and I will not have to mention it explicitly. So that is my whole story.

The bottom line is concentrate on your current work and work harder to earn more rather than searching for such data entry jobs like me. I wanted to publish this blog on 29/06/07 but due to poor INTERNET connectivity in our area I was not able to do so.

Disclaimer: Everything stated above is my personal opinion and individuals reading it may act with their own intelligence.

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