Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Want to do MS? You will need student loan.

Want to do MS? You will need student loan, I am not saying this. This was told to me by my consultant. After completing BE in electronics from a reputed college in Mumbai University I wanted to pursue MS in computer science from USA. Many of my friends had applied for GRE and scored good marks there by getting some fabulous scholarships. I also decided to go for GRE, score some good marks, get some scholarships, settle in US and enjoy my life. But it was not that easy. It requires at least 1.5 million in our currency to complete MS. This includes college fees and other expenditure required to live in US.

I approached a consultant to guide me for my journey. She told me that even after I get some good scholarship I will require at least 1 million in our currency. That figure is too high for a person like me from a middle class family. So I decided to approach bank for loan.

I approached bank and enquired about student loan consolidation rates. The rates were not too high as such but since the principle amount required by me was very high the interest amount came to a higher value. Since we didn’t had any guarantor bank wanted us to mortgage our house. The only shelter we had. We decided to give it a thought.

That night I and my father were discussing the pros and cons of the student consolidation loan. My father was quite willing to take the loan against our house but I backed off and decided not to take the loan as our house is our only shelter. If somehow I would fail to repay the loan my family would be deprived of the shelter. Next day I started searching for some charitable organizations that provide loans to students for pursuing higher studies and lower interest rates without any mortgage or guarantee.

Of course I found some organizations that help students like me, Google has it all. Here there was one more problem. The amount to be used for loans is limited and the students applying for such loans are unlimited (I mean very large). So it was very clear to me that my chances of getting a student loan at lower interest rates and without any mortgage are very remote.

Finally I decided to go for a job and earn some money myself. When I will earn enough money to pursue MS in computer science without requirement of any loans I will rethink about doing MS. But as of now I am not much interested in doing MS due to high student loan consolidation rates.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Water logging in my house.

Saturday 30th June 2007

It was weekend I woke up late at around 10.30AM. When I woke up I felt that its too early since sky was very dark and it was raining. I looked at the watch it said 10.30 AM so I woke and went to the wash basin to wash my face. What I saw from my window at that moment took breath out of me for a second it was raining but the rains were not usual it was raining very heavily and there was water logging around my house. This happens every year but what shook me was that the water level was very high. It was never been so high, even on 26th July 2005 water level was not this high.

Let me brief you about 26th July 2005. It was a darkest day in the history of Mumbai. Thousands of people were injured, 100 were dead and countless people were left without homes. That is enough for the dark day.

I went out of my house to check the water level. I looked at the stone we had a stone kept near to our house. That stone was used for years as a water level indicator. The stone was completely immersed in water. I was scared as this had never happened before. I called my father and told him about the situation and reuqested him to take some action. Since it was weekend no one was available for help. So he said that nothing can be done other than praying "Rain God". In India we have gods for everything.

Slowly and slowly the water level began to rise. In some 30 minutes I was not able to see that stone at all. Also the water came closer to my house and slowly entered my house. This was happening first time in 100 years, yeah I said 100 years my forefathers also used to stay in this house, now I was really really scared. We switched on the TV to check the situation in other parts of the city. The news reader said that since there was a high tide the water from drainage lines is not flowing into the sea. This made me realize the root cause of water level. By now the water had entered our living room and our feet were completely drenched in water. We immediately switched of the mains in order to avoid short circuit. Everything started to float in my house. Our kitchen level was slightly higher than living room so we moved some furniture into the kitchen from from living room assuming that water will not enter kitchen. But that was not true. In some 15 mins water entered into the kitchen.

I had my darling inside the kitchen, my computer is my darling, so i rushed to the kitchen and disconnected all the wires from CPU and kept it on the top of the table to avoid water contact. In all these mess my mother started crying, ooh no, now what ? I tried to condole her saying that its alright don't worry everything will be alright in some time but she would not stop crying. The family who stays on the 1st floor came down and told my mom to go with them and rest for a while, my mom thankfully did so. By this time water was everywhere inside the house so I and my neighbor (I called him for some help) started moving things at a higher altitude. It took us some 30 minutes. After that I locked my home and went outside to look what is happening.

We went on the road to look how the situation was, to our surprise there was no water on the road. So we rushed back to the building to check why was water not flowing out of our building. It took us some 10 minutes to find the reason. our building was at slightly at lower level as compared to the other building that is under construction, so all the water from that building was flowing into our building. We immediately called the contractor of that building and made him aware about the situation. He immediately sent his men to help us in this situation.

We had a small channel between road and our building. We decided to use that channel to move water out of my building. There was a slope from our building towards road but it was badly jammed with mud and stone from the construction site. I, my neighbor and the 2 men provided by contractor started moving those stones and mud out of the way to allow to water to flow out of the building. It took us 2Hrs to remove all the stones and mud. Finally water started moving out of our building and it was only by 5PM in the evening that all the water moved out of my house not building. So we moved back to our house and started cleaning operation which got completed by 11PM. Then I rested in peace and had a nice sleep.

I hope that I will never have to face such terrible situation in my life again. Also, I will pray that you people don't have to face such situation.

Reality of Free online data entry jobs.

I wanted to earn more, more than what I earn currently. So I thought why not try online data entry jobs. So as usual I searched Google for online data enter jobs with following search parameters "Free online data entry jobs" and wallah I found many results and it seemed like I have found what I wanted, but that was not true.

I clicked on some links and started analyzing each of them. The banners posted on each site had that four letter magic word "FREE". Also, there were many success stories of people from different parts of the world each of them describing how they quitted their existing jobs and started making online money. Some people use to make $1000 a day and more. I was truly amazed looking at their success stories. I read a few and got excited. Then moved to read some instructions regarding how to enroll, kind of work, payment system, etc,etc,etc. Finally I decided to register on one of the sites (I will not mention the URL). I gave my name, address and other such information, at the bottom of the page near "Next" button I read the text "Almost over". I clicked on the "Next" button after filling the forms, what I saw was a bit strange for me at the first sight. The site wanted me to pay some $50 for registration; of course it was optional but then if u go for a basic account the income generated would be low. So anyone who is in the need of job will go for that paid option. But I just closed that page as I was looking for truly a free online data entry job. Later on I found similar things on each site. Some sites will drop you an email to upgrade your account while some would directly ask for it on the website itself. I hope you have understood what am I trying to say and I will not have to mention it explicitly. So that is my whole story.

The bottom line is concentrate on your current work and work harder to earn more rather than searching for such data entry jobs like me. I wanted to publish this blog on 29/06/07 but due to poor INTERNET connectivity in our area I was not able to do so.

Disclaimer: Everything stated above is my personal opinion and individuals reading it may act with their own intelligence.