Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Scared to install linux ???

Scared to install Linux??? Not any more :-)
It happened so that on one fine day you thought that you will get rid of your stupid windows and switch to Linux, but then following questions came to your mind.

  1. Which is the best Linux distribution available around?
  2. How will I install Linux?
  3. I don't know anything about Linux; I have never worked before on Linux, how will I manage to work on Linux?
  4. What about my existing files on windows machine?
  5. Are their any good software's available on Linux?

All these questions forced you back to stay with windows whether you like it or not. Now, you have a solution to this problem. It is called virtualization. There are many products available in market for virtualization. Most popular among them is vmware. Using vmware you can install Linux on your existing windows machine and still have both of them. Here windows will act as a host machine and Linux will act as a guest machine.

So now you have to install Linux on vmware, but the problem here is that vmware costs pretty too much. So what is the solution? What we can do is we can get a free vmware player. But you cannot install Linux on vmware player. So what we need now is an existing vmware image of Linux distribution and thats it, the problem of installing Linux is solved enjoy!!!
You can find some Linux distribution vmware images at following site.



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